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We can provide customers with the highest quality polished concrete flooring in Melbourne. Whether you want to transform your flooring and bench tops or design custom concrete seating, we have you covered. Our specialists continually strive for perfection, ensuring that you get exactly what you’re looking for.
In addition, we pride ourselves on making the polished concrete floor cost as low as possible, allowing more people to enjoy and benefit from this excellent eco-flooring type.

Our FLOOR IT range includes:

Our TOP IT range includes:

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Why Choose Us?

Polished Concrete: Affordable, Sustainable and Beautiful

Owners of residential and commercial properties are increasingly looking towards polished concrete because of the many advantages it can provide.

Cost Efficient

Don't freeze from Melbourne's Winter and high energy costs as polished concrete floors provides great insulation.


High five Mother Nature: Less energy wasted on heating and cooling, less harmful cleaning products used.

Safer Surface

You are less likely to slip on a polished concrete floor surface than many other floors.


Polished Concrete floors trap less allergens and bacteria, improving indoor air quality and lowering the risk of illness

Proud Supplier For

Installing Polished Concrete Flooring & Solutions for Some of Australia’s Most Popular TV Shows

We’ve been involved in some of Australia’s most popular reality television shows. Have you been impressed by the polished concrete benchtops created for construction projects on ‘THE BLOCK’? Have you found yourself considering a polished concrete floor after seeing one installed as part of the renovation projects shown on ‘HOUSE RULES’? Concrete FX has been chosen because of our unparalleled workmanship and attention to detail. If our domestic and commercial flooring solutions are good enough for these shows, you can rest assured they’re good enough for your home or business!

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Customer Satisfaction is Our Goal!

Expert Advice

Whether your application is for domestic or commercial use, you can be assured you will receive sound advice and recommendations, using the latest technology and superior resources.

Client-Centered Service

Our extensive background in the polished concrete industry, combines experience, education, and artistic expertise to create the perfect effects and appearance that our customers desire.

Tailored Approach

Regardless of the size or scope of your project, you can be confident your end result will be one of unparalleled distinction.

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